Monday, 30 April 2012

Nude Cleansing Facial Oil Review

With a nourishing formula, Nude’s Cleansing Facial Oil is perfect for dry to combination skin. Together omega 3, which gives skin a moisture boost and improves texture, and vitamin E condition and protect skin.

Warm the oil up in your hands and then massage it into dry skin, including around your eyes, then add some warm water but continue to massage the cleanser into your skin. The formula should foam ever so slightly and change to more of an off-white colour.

The key part of this beauty product is that it encourages you to really massage the oil into your skin giving you a much deeper cleanse. Once you’ve rinsed your face and towel dried it, you’ll notice instantly that while it feels fresh and lean, it also feels soft and smooth. Plus you’re make-up has been removed too.

Jasmine and gardenia extracts give the cleanser a soothing fragrance making it a great pre-bedtime beauty ritual.

While the price does feel expensive for an everyday skincare product, you’ll be surprised at how little you actually need to use for your face and neck.

Nude Cleansing Facial Oil is £24 and available from

Rating: 8/10 – This is a great cleanser, especially if your skin is really dry and sore. Although I’m not sure it’s the perfect cleanser for all skin types as they suggest.

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