Saturday, 4 February 2012

Noir G De Guerlain Mascara Review

Without sounding like I'm trying to plug this beauty product, this is so much more than just your standard mascara. Noir G De Guerlain is part of a collection of new age mascaras that help strengthen and nourish lashes as well as lengthen and volumise.

Using artemia salina, an ingredient which helps stimulate keratin production and therefore encourage the growth of stronger lashes, Guerlain's latest beauty product almost combines the goodness of eyelash serums with the must-have qualities of a mascara.

Guerlain has also worked on the improving the formula's quality and longevity by combining a blend of waxes with polymer film, which together helps set the mascara onto lashes and prevents it from smudging and flaking throughout the day. The three-dimensional formula promises to lengthen, volumise and curl eyelashes too with a glossier, blacker than black shade. 

Unlike some of the other more recent mascaras, Guerlain has gone back to the old-school style of brush, which has an abundance of bristles to provide a much more volumising finish and distribute the formula evenly across your lashes. Despite the bulky packaging - which does follow on from Guerlain's lipsticks style and comes complete with a handy mirror - the wand is actually relatively narrow and the handle gives you more control when apply your mascara

Aside from the formula and glossy packaging Guerlain has gone one step further to give Noir G De Guerlain the ultimate touch of luxury by scenting it. Using the House of Guerlain's signature fragrance with delicate, feminine roses and jasmine, the mascara feels like a true pampering product for your eyelashes. 

Guerlain's Noir G De Guerlain mascara costs £35 and the refills are £19, both are available from

Rating: 9/10 - This is a premium-priced mascara, but it does give lashes a thicker-looking, volumised finish and it has the advantage of also helping to strengthen eyelashes which is always a good thing. However, personally I don't like the bulky packaging and admittedly it is a hefty investment if after purchasing you decide you prefer a more lengthening mascara or it just doesn't work for you.


  1. I've been after a good mascara for ages, and this does sound exactly what I'm after, but is it really worth£35?

    1. Definitely if you're looking for a volumising mascara. Although if you're on a budget there are cheaper ones that work just as well on the market. Try Max Factor x