Thursday, 8 September 2011

Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Treatment Review

Despite promising to transform hair in a matter of weeks, I'm not convinced by Michael Van Clarke's 3 More Inches Pre-Shampoo Treatment. While hair is left feeling smoother and sleeker after the application, the results only last for one wash, so it's doubtful such a formula would definitely prevent split ends and hair breakages by 25%.

Another issue I have with this product is its impracticality. Hair has to be dry and product-free before you use the treatment, which isn't helpful for the majority of people who use heat protection or hair spray.

However, if you are keen to try this product I recommend using it all over your hair and not just on the ends for a fully moisturised finish.

Michael Van Clarke's 3 More Inches Pre-Shampoo Treatment is £29 and available at

Rating: 2/10 - The formula doesn't match up to the high price tag and the results don't last for long enough.


  1. I wasn't hugely impressed by this range either. I bought the whole shebang - shampoo, conditioner and pre-wash treatment, when they came out.

    The best I can say is that they were okay. I didn't find the shampoo particularly gentle, nor was the conditioner especially smoothing.

  2. i havent gotten this product yet but wanted to know how many inches did your hair grow? or did this product lie to you

  3. I didn't find any difference is the speed in which my hair grew when I used this product.
    If you're looking for hair growth I would recommend getting some of Neal's Yards Beauty Boost supplements or Holland & Barrett's. Hope this helps! x

  4. Cheap packaging, cheap product with a expensive price tag. I like alot of other people who have bought this product have found it to be one of the of the worst on the market. Don't waste your money, get Philip Kingsley...far superior.

  5. obviously hair isn't going to grow immediately i think you're taking it too literally, instead of pretending to make hair better with silicone products, it's a more natural way of renourishing the hair... i love it, my hairs always been so frizzy, after 3 months of using it i finally have the confidence to wear it down (it's longer!! and softer!!)...the bottle hasnt even run out yet..!

  6. I bought this product 2 months ago and still no result in hair growth other than natural growth. Cost me $100 + for shampoo and conditioner and im not satisfied.