Saturday, 14 April 2012

Gazelli Triple Youth Skin Balancing Cleanser Review

Mixing anti-ageing ingredients with a cleanser is a tricky business, but Gazelli, a father and daughter skincare brand from Azerbaijan, has nailed it with their Triple Youth Skin Balancing Cleanser. The secret to their success is the White Healing Oil, which is found in the Naftalan region in Azerbaijan. The oil helps to boost skin cell renewal and nourish skin with its abundance of vitamins and nutrients.

With a creamy, loose consistency, this cleanser is easy to massage into your skin and does lather up slightly once mixed with water. The scent is similar to that of ginger, but is soft enough to make the cleanser smell and feel refreshing.

While your skin doesn’t feel tight after using Gazelli’s cleanser like it might with other anti-ageing products, it does feel as revitalised and most importantly, clean. It is worth noting that lack of tightness after cleansing is a good thing as if your skin does feel tight it can mean that too much natural oil and moisture has been stripped away.

The formula is packed full of essential oils, but it is still safe to use around your eyes without leaving them feeling sore and stinging, and it can be used on any skin type. After rinsing, your face and neck feels fresh, fully cleansed and soft courtesy of the vitamin B and C, which hydrates and nourishes.

Look out for the thoughtful poetry and sayings in scripted on the packaging too.

Gazelli’s Triple Youth Skin Balancing Cleanser is £18 and available exclusively from

Rating: 10/10 – Perfect for adding a touch of luxury to what can be a very mundane part of your skincare regime!

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