Monday, 2 April 2012

Nanoblur Optical Skin Cream Review

Anti-ageing products are big business and often our hopes are raised by a couple of catchy promises on the front of a box together with a wrinkle-free, ageless model, however the actual formula rarely lives up to expectations. It comes as no surprise then that Nanoblur, with the phrase 'immediate correction of the appearance of skin ageing', sent the anti-ageing sceptics into overdrive before the launch last year. Not to mention the idea of visibly reducing the appearance of crows feet within just 40 seconds!

The thick serum-like texture has no scent at all and feels sticky on application. It takes a while to dry but the tightening feel it almost instantaneous. While the instructions suggest using it all over your face on top of foundation, for the best results and without smudging your foundation stick to using it on problem areas - unless you like the frozen-feel all over. Impressively and proving the sceptics wrong, your wrinkles will be dramatically reduced in appearance.

There is one downfall though, you need to rub in the formula straight away, otherwise it can leave a very slight snot-like stain on your face. Although with such incredible results and change from £20, making sure you work quickly is a small price to pay for a younger looking skin in less than 60 seconds.

Nanoblur's Optical Skin Cream is £19.99 and available from

Rating: 7/10 - Great price and the formula is good for problem spots, but it falls short if you want an all-over anti-ageing serum.

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