Thursday, 19 January 2012

Clarks Botanicals Clearing Face And Body Wash Review

Clark’s Botanicals was founded by a father and son team after the son Francesco was in an accident which impaired his nervous system and lead to clogged pores and breakouts of acne. Unhappy with the products that were available and prescribed Francesco and his father, a homeopathic doctor by trade, teamed up to create chemical-free, skin clearing products.

Jasmine absolute oil is the brands hero ingredient as it contains soothing, rebalancing properties, and is therefore the key component to Clark’s Botanicals Clearing Face and Body Wash.

Salicylic acid, which helps to clear and prevent blackheads and acne works together with the jasmine to target problematic skin and leave it feeling fully cleansed. The inclusion of algae helps to build a protective barrier and keep skin moisturised.

The gel formula might look a little unorthodox with black specks, but it is easy to use in the shower and lathers up under warm water.  

Clark’s Botanicals Clearing Face & Body Wash is £37 and can be purchased from

Rating: 9/10 – The price is pretty steep for a body wash, however if you do suffer with bad acne and want something more natural, then it’s a price worth paying.


  1. The thing I find about so many skin-clearing products, often ones that contain salicylic acid (I think) are that they really dry out the skin. This sounds really good though - is there a moisturiser to use with it?

    1. Unfortunately not, although if you're suffering with dry skin try a body oil instead. Clarins has some great body oils as does REN.
      Body oils work in the same way as your natural body oils do and penetrate deeper into your skin to give a more intense moisture boost. x