Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dr Nick Lowe The Secret Is Out Lifting Super Serum Review

While this product has plenty of independent statistics to back up the tag line ‘proven to lift and firm skin’, to fully understand Dr Nick Lowe’s The Secret is Out Lifting Super Serum, you have to understand the doctor himself.

With a strong philosophy of a simple, regular skincare regime will result in more youthful looking healthy skin, its no surprise all of the products contain super foods such as acai and goji berries and are packed full of vitamins and natural oils.

The Secret is Out Lifting Super Serum isn’t an overnight wonder balm and you don’t feel the tightening feeling that you get with other anti-wrinkle products. Instead, this product is more of a slow burner and does offer reasonable wrinkle prevention, but it will take perseverance.

The consistency is good, although the serum does take a while to dry and moisturising on top is essential. Ingredients such as super berries and a peptide complex, which helps increase and restore elasticity, leaves skin feeling nourished and recharged, however visible line reduction can take at least two weeks of daily use.

Dr Nick Lowe The Secret Is Out Lifting Super Serum is £25.52 and available from

Rating: 7/10 – it’s good value for money, but it lacks the ‘wow’ factor.  

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