Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Espa Pink Hair And Scalp Mud Review

If you’re looking for luxury then you’ll find it with Espa’s Pink Hair and Scalp Mud Mask. If keeping with the name it will come as no surprise that the mask is pink, but what is very pleasantly unexpected is the light fruit scent that comes with this haircare product courtesy of the apricot kernel oil.

As well as the scent, apricot kernel oil also works as a moisturising and softening ingredient and helps improve your scalps elasticity and resistance. Watercress extract is another key component in the formula and gives yours a deep cleanse without taking away the moisture.

The rich creamy texture makes Espa’s hair mask feel like an at-home spa treatment.

For the best results if you’re suffering with a dry scalp or want to give your tresses a moisture boost, spend at least three-minutes really massaging the mask into your scalp. Comb the product through the rest of your hair using your fingers to ensure an even coverage and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes.

Espa’s hair mask might be too rich for finer hair, so use sparingly and leave it on for a shorter amount of time otherwise hair can be left feeling flat.

Espa’s Pink Hair And Scalp Mud is £18 and available from

Rating: 6/10 – It’s a luxury hair mask, but it does come with a matching price tag.  

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