Sunday, 4 March 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire Nail Polish Review

If you haven't already heard Max Factor's 'Fantasy Fire' nail polish has become one of the most coveted shades of 2012 so far. So much so it's been reported that six months worth of this specific shade sold out within three weeks and one customer even purchased fifty at one time to ship off to friends and family around the globe.

Why the sudden craze? 'Fantasy Fire' is almost identical to a discontinued Clarins' nail lacquer and beauty bloggers have been going crazy for it.

From the bottle it looks like any glitter-flecked, metallic burgundy nail polish, but when you apply it comes out like a bluey purpley with glitter. With more of a watery consistency you will need to use at least two coats of polish to build up a solid shade. Some bloggers have experimented and this shade can also work as a top coat over different colours.

While the colour is definitely interesting, unfortunately the formula itself doesn't live up to its description on the bottle and even with two coats, it does chip easily.

Max Factor's 'Fantasy Fire' Nail Polish is £3.99 from

Rating: 5/10 - If you love the colour you probably won't feel too let down by the formula, however if you're someone who only likes to paint your nails once or twice a week this isn't the nail polish for you.

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