Saturday, 18 February 2012

Diorshow New Look Mascara Review

Combining all the qualities of a great lengthening mascara with an eyelash serum gives Diorshow New Look Mascara serious brownie points. With active ingredients, the Lash Multiplier serum treatment helps strengthen and thicken your eyelashes to not only improve the effects of the mascara, but also to promote healthier natural lashes.

Using Royal Jelly extract the treatment nourishes eyelashes and reinforces at the lash line to ensure rejuvenated, thicker lashes. The formula also contains Dior’s exclusive Dior Black Glass pigment, which has light reflecting particles that create a 3D jet-black colour effect.

The most impressive thing about the formula though is its staying power. Come rain or shine this mascara won’t budge, smudge or flake. However it does mean you’ll need a good eye make-up remover to get it off.

Aside from the formula, Dior has also created a new nano brush, which mixes supple rubber with resistant plastic for easier, precise application. The bristles are structured in two parts, so the root of your lashes are fully loaded with formula. The shape and style of the brush is great for coating both your top and bottom lashes, even the shorter, finer ones.

Despite the packaging promising both volume and length, like all mascaras Diorshow New Look is much more giving to the latter. While eyelashes do look instantly longer, they don’t have the volumising va-va-voom of mascaras like YSL’s Luxurious Mascara Shocking Volume.
Diorshow New Look Mascara is £23 and available from

Rating: 7/10 – If you were just looking for a lengthening mascara this one would get full marks, but for an all round finish it does lack the volumised finish.

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