Sunday, 18 September 2011

Clarins Instant Liner Review

Anyone that appreciates black eyeliner will understand the on-going quest to find a jet black liner that not only lasts, but doesn't budge. And I think Clarins might have just created it with its Instant Liner.

Jet black, tick. Liquid, tick. Long lasting, tick. Smudge-proof, tick. The last point doesn't deserve the same amount of credit as the first three though as the liner is not actually waterproof.

However Clarins Instant Liner does stay in place and will take you from day to evening easily with no need to touch up. The jet black shade is impressive and the foam applicator brush is sturdy, so you can achieve a thin, sophisticated flick or a thick, kohl-like line.

Top tip - make sure you allow for drying time, otherwise the liquid liner will print onto your lid and smudge.

Clarins Instant Liner is £19.50 and available from

Rating: 9/10 - if it was waterproof it would have easily scored a 10.

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  1. will be buying on payday!
    this blog has become my new bible!