Monday, 28 November 2011

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Review

The look of this powder alone makes it worthwhile buying, that is once you get over the fear of ruining the delicate rose mould.

Appearances aside, Laura Mercier’s Face Illuminator has a creamy texture, which blends naturally into skin tone and doesn’t leave a patchy powdery finish.

The pearly glow highlights cheekbones, but is much more subtle than bronzer and doesn’t give you a streaky look. Instead skin looks illuminated and because of the creamy formula, it lasts so you don’t have to keep applying.

Laura Mercier’s Face Illuminator is £31 and available from

Rating: 9/10 - Skin looks brighter and healthier with this Face Illuminator and the packaging is beautiful, making it a great gift or a very special treat – either way, very worthwhile investing in.  

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