Sunday, 11 September 2011

Aveda Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer Review

The Color Option's Eye Shadow Transformer could well be a new hero product for Aveda.

When mixed with an eyeshadow, the gel like fluid intensifies the colour and gives it an almost metallic finish. Two drops of Aveda's magical formula reworks old eyeshadows into bold shades, it's a must-have product for creating a statement eye.

While the fluid works on all eyeshadows, the results are better on certain types of eyeshadows, especially Aveda's Color Options eyeshadows.
The Eye Shadow Transformer comes complete with a brush to mix and apply the eyeshadow.

Aveda's Color Option's Eye Shadow Transformer is £22.50 and available at

Rating: 6/10 - If it worked as well as it does on Aveda's eyeshadows as other brands, it would definitely be a 10.

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