Monday, 13 August 2012

Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner Review

There has been a lot of speculation as to what to expect from Aerin's, heiress to the giant Estee Lauder company, brand new collection which takes her name. Having revealed that the beauty line would be a collection of essentials from a foundation and lip conditioner with lipstick to a hand and body cream and a selection of brushes.

Drawing inspiration from her favourite things, Aerin's aim was to create a range of essential products that offer women effortless beauty. The Rose Lip Conditioner comes in a clean and chic tube, familiar but not too similar to the traditional Estee Lauder packaging, and has a strong rose scent. 

The consistency is quite thick, but doesn't leave a sticky finish - it's more balm-like, which makes it feel instantly moisturising. Coming in 'nude', the lip conditioner gives lips a slight shimmer, but nothing too obvious. 

As far the Rose Lip Conditioner goes, Aerin has succeeded in her aim to make effortless, but still luxurious essential beauty buys. However, the apple does fall too far from the tree and this collection will be an instant hit with loyal Estee Lauder fans, but most people might struggle to define the difference between Aerin and Estee Lauder.

Aerin's Rose Lip Conditioner launches in September from

Rating: 8.5/10 - It does everything required, but hopefully when they add to the range in seasons to come they will add a few tinted conditioners too. 

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