Friday, 10 August 2012

Ilia Lipstick Review

Using a combination of waxes, Ilia lipsticks are as natural as lipsticks get and have a super soft, balmy texture. Admittedly you do have to reapply the colour throughout the day, but the hint of a tint shades make it possible to slap on your stick without the help of a mirror.

The nourishing formula is focused more on conditioning rather than colouring lips and is packed full of natural moisturisers including jojoba oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E. The actual name for these lip products is actually 'lip conditioners' for this reason, but they look and give the finish of a very slightly glossy lipstick. With a bold vs soft colour range, there is definitely a shade and finish for everyone in the six-shade collection

While the lip balm texture and natural credentials are impressive, it is the chic packaging that steals the show. Made in the place as Tom Ford, the recycled aluminum gives the collection a luxury finish.

Ilia lipsticks
are £20 each and available online from

7/10 - it's really rare that you find a natural beauty brand that offers such a luxurious product. Plus the limited edition lipsticks come in amazing pops of colour!  

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