Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector Oil Free Review

With last summer's success with that BB cream it will come as no surprise that Garnier have launched a new, improved formula this year to steal the 2012 prize for the best BB cream. Enter, Garnier BB Miracle Skin Perfector Oil Free. Using super absorbing ingredients, the formula literally soaks up excess oil, with special attention directed to the forehead and T-zone areas, to leave skin with an almost matte finish.

The texture is soft and light making it easy to apply and blend. With the added benefit of SPF20 protection it is genuinely quite difficult to find fault with this product, especially as a summer beauty buy. It is ideal for anyone looking for a lighter form of coverage or to cover up blemishes. 

Garnier's BB Miracle Skin Perfector Oil Free is £9.99 and available from

Rating: 9/10 - As with all of the BB creams, you will still need to wear moisturiser underneath as it doesn't quite do everything.


  1. I really, really want to try this as I didn't get on with the original version of the Garnier BB cream but this sounds so much better, plus I love a matte finish! x

  2. I thought it was much better than the original - light in texture and keeps your skin shine-free! Definitely worth investing in!