Friday, 30 December 2011

Aveda Petal Essence Eye Colour Review

A crease-proof finish is a tricky promise for any powder eyeshadow to make, but Aveda’s Petal Essence Eye Colour lives up to its claim. Using the waxes from jasmine flower, the eyeshadow has a silky finish that lasts.

While it does take several layers to achieve a darker, bolder shade, it is doable. Plus the eyeshadow is easy to blend if you want to create a smoky eye effect using just one shade.

Top tip: The eyeshadow doesn’t come with a brush, but using one makes applying much easier and achieves a neater finish compared to your finger.

Aveda’s Petal Essence Eye Colour is £11.50 from

Rating: 7/10 – My favourite is ‘Amethyst’, the colour is bang on trend for AW11/12 and it does last the day.

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