Monday, 17 October 2011

DHC Perfect Pro Double Protection Mascara Review

It’s the strap line that makes this mascara so intriguing, “Beauty From Japan”. At once, thoughts of a hi-tech beauty product that will transform lashes into super natural, volumised feelers spring to mind.

In actual fact if you keep reading the mascara promises merely to offer natural looking, defined lashes using cutting-edge technology.

Unfortunately there is nothing revolutionary about this product. Both the wand and the brush feel flimsy, the formula is too watery and although the packaging promises you only need to splash your lashes with warm water to remove the formula, you do need make-up remover.

While DHC’s mascara does coat the lashes with a black colour and separates them, it doesn’t do anything else.

DHC Perfect Pro Double Protection Mascara is £13 and is available from

Rating: 2/10 – It does do what it says on the packaging, but the overall quality of this product is lacking somewhat.

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